Ran Park explores the chaos of “Konglish” in a new zine

There are times when we do so many things without our hearts just to fit in the so called society we live in. Clothes we wear, food we eat, car we drive..in short everything is judged. Then how do we escape this vicious circle.

Back in 2011, when i started my journey in Design, my society didn’t consider this as a profession. I was bombarded with the questions like “why are you leaving your education?”, “how will you get married without a degree?” and what not. ?‍♀️

That time was difficult. Yes, it was very difficult. ? I was scared and depressed, questioning my decision every single day. ?

Then my parents made me understand, “You follow your heart, rest will fall in place”. I left everything to the super power we all believe in, most of us do.?

That decision to take this profession of Design changed my life and till date it was one of my best decisions. I am a kind of person who loves to travel, to have a different and unique perspective, live every moment, solve problems, be fearless and most importantly I love to keep the kid inside me Alive.

Design gave me that freedom to do all with a smile. In other words, I would say I made my love my Profession.

Fears are definitely scary. Sometimes they leave you broken too. But fears are the thing, which if seen other way round will give you the kick to get up every morning motivated and super ready for a new adventurous day!

Fears are stupid and so are regrets!!?

Which all life decisions you are proud of ? Let me know in a comment. ??