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Are you too a PROCRASTINATOR ??

A very common question asked today, but What does Procrastination mean ???

Dictionary says, “the action of delaying or postponing something”.

Why do we delay or postpone tasks? May be we want to do them later ??‍♀️, we don’t find that task important for now or we have so many things on to-do list that some tasks are left behind.

Well, technically all are valid reasons but do these reasons fulfill the requirement which is “completing the tasks”.

So what do we do to tackle this ??

We are humans, bound to have different moods, different priorities, different thinking and a unique way of living.

There cannot be a one-fit-for-all formula to this but one thing which can be realized here is that we all somewhere or other procrastinate. ??‍♀️

As a designer, we are taught to think deep and in the minutest detail and understand why this problem (design). I usually don’t accept any and everything coming to me untill I know WHY. This learning has very much affected my personal life also.

Many a ⏲️times, I use this to solve my doubts and problems in life. I just sit back with my ☕coffee and intensely ponder upon the doubt or problem I am facing and tell myself that if I am the one who is delaying or procrastinating, then only I can deduce Why. Once you know why, then only you can do something about it.

Our mind is a beautiful creation, the more we try to explore, the more it ? surprises us. Think and start noticing your thoughts and you would start getting very crisp solutions.

The power of Thoughts is such that it either can MAKE or BREAK you. Its our decision after all to make and follow the passion

Just try and dig deeper within yourself !!